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Our science-validated assessments and AI tools, developed by leading psychometricians and Artificial Intelligence governance agencies, empower employees, mid-career shifters and prospective students to rapidly enhance their skillset, while promoting lifelong learning.
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Organizational Wisdom Engine
Empowering Your Workforce through adaptability and productivity, focused skills, and competency assessments. 

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AI-Accelerated Credit for Prior Learning 
Accelerating adult college students’ postsecondary journey, streamlining the credit evaluation process and shortening certificate and diploma timeframes 
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Customize our AI tools and assessment solutions to fit your internal organizational needs, build a project with our solutions to meet focuses of government funded projects and benefit communities
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Organizational Wisdom Engine 

KnowMeQ’s Organizational Wisdom Engine is the first workforce HR solution to provide science-validated  Adaptability Quotient scores (AQ) helping forward-thinking businesses to identify and retain talent.  Our AI-driven assessments help reveal skills, strengths and gaps, enabling targeted improvements, sharpening capabilities and paving the way for career advancement opportunities. Fuel a culture of growth and elevation within your organization. 

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Digital Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving
Each of these assessments are integrated into KnowMeQ’s proprietary AQ index.
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AI-Accelerated Credit for Prior Learning (AI-CPL)

KnowMeQ AI CPL is an AI-driven platform that streamlines postsecondary credit evaluation, enabling students to earn credits toward their degree based on previous education and work experience. 

Our AI CPL is an unparalleled solution and the missing piece in the Workforce Upskilling Movement. Our technology accelerates the applicant-journey by replacing manual processes, while enhancing accessibility and the affordability of lifelong learning.  

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How it Works
AI Tool Parses Resume
The applicant reviews AI considerations, validates the data and submits their form.
Applicant Uploads Resume
Applicant can easily upload or input their resume. Any format, any work experience, any education history, anyone.
Applicant Validates and Submits
Our AI technology considers the resume data, while measuring prior experience against our robust database allowing for more accurate course recommendations.
AI Tool Generates Course Matching
AI uses applicant experience to recommend viable courses using a robust database of program opportunities compiled from post secondary institution.
Applicant Selects Eligible Courses
The applicant favors their preferred program or course matches and initiates the admission process.
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Client Voices

“At Fleming College, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our applicants and students, and we  are excited about the potential of KnowMeQ's AI-Accelerated Credit for Prior Learning tool to revolutionize our processes for prospective students. We believe that by KnowMeQ optimizing our credit evaluation process, we can attract a larger pool of non-traditional students who bring diverse experiences and prior learning credits.

We are enthusiastic about the positive impact KnowMeQ will bring to our institution and look forward to its implementation. We highly recommend this tool to other educational institutions seeking to enhance their processes for managing and supporting prospective applicants and current students."

Sherry Gosselin

EVP, Information Technology and Registrar Services, Fleming College

Client Voices

“KnowMeQ supported NGen in building out our Future Ready Skills Platform to support upskilling of workers from the Canadian Advanced Manufacturing sector.

KnowMeQ’s Skills for Success assessments, which provide companies with key information to support worker skill development, were among the key elements of our Future Ready program."

Stewart Cramer

Chief Manufacturing Officer, NGen

Client Voices

“The Vector Institute’s FastLane program propels AI innovation, and KnowMeQ exemplified this through their recent participation in our Machine Learning Associates cohort. During this intensive program, they developed a robust AI framework for their AI-Accelerated Credit for Prior Learning tool that lays the groundwork for significant future advancements. We're excited to see KnowMeQ build on these learnings."

Craig Stewart

Executive Director of Applied AI Programs,
Vector Institute


KnowMeQ's assessments, Career Recommender Tool and AI-Accelerated Credit for Prior Learning solution are a strong foundation of products which can be used for student, worker, or newcomer development projects.  

Have an idea of what you would like to do to grow your company's projects, or integrate solutions within your network?  Are you responding to a government funded call for proposal and need a developer you can trust?  

KnowMeQ has a full development team who can work with you - from proposal ideation to Ux Ui Designs, software development, QA Testing, deployment and custom product development.  Book a call to start to bring your vision to life.

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